Monday, November 15, 2010

Mystery Knights of Rock: The Mystery Voice - Part 1

I'm rushing into it but what the heck..

Enjiel A. Mori suddenly hears the voice he has been searching for and choose to not let it slipped away, even if it means kidnapping a kid to a coffee shop. Eh? What? Wait.. why a coffee shop??

Look out for Part 2 of The Mystery Voice for more!

The song track used in this vManga :-
It's Just A Sound by The New Duncan Imperials
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This video will be edited for better quality! Keep and eye out for changes!

Monday, May 24, 2010

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Thursday, May 6, 2010

I'm the Boy, You're the Girl? : I Was Right! 002

It's about 11 o'clock in the morning, I should be tired by now after having a five-hour flight but the excitement was far too great to be ignored. Instead of lying back and relax as Manggis drove us through the city, my eyes were wide opened, enjoying the view. Just like how any other city would be, it was hectic. The streets are crowded with people and vehicles and yet it had this soothing feeling towards it. Calmness, yes, I felt calm and for once I felt like I belong. Is it because of the people? Maybe it's because of the childhood memories I still dearly hold on too, I wasn't sure.

    "Master Berry, is there any place you wished to stop by?" Manggis' question grabbed my attention. "You seemed a little peppy to  head home straight away," My smile reflected on the rear mirror. Manggis must have seen it, for he had read my mind. "Perhaps the school..?"


    We finally arrived in front of the gate, a guard came to us to do the required procedure and eventually he opened the gate to allow us to pass through. The school was just a normal school, nothing out of the ordinary. Except that the buildings had such an eccentric design, somewhat an old English look. My mind was set on it being a hundred years old. The car then stopped at the main entrance.

    "Master Berry, we're here." Manggis noted.

    I was slightly nervous. That was a lie. It was more than a slight, I felt as though I have thousands of butterflies flapping around in my stomach. My thin, lengthy fingers actually trembled as they slowly grabbed the handle of the door and I gently made my exit out of the vehicle. I stood there, in front of the school and closed the door behind me. As I stared at the already opened  gigantic wooden door I began to think of how it will be like here. After being home schooled for so long, I have very few friends. More accurately I had zero to none. Even after I stopped being tutored during high school, I was never closed to anyone. Though it may seem rather boastful of me, but it was never because they hated me. In fact it was really the exact opposite. They liked me too much. The boys that is, the other half of the school which consist of the female population resented me. Generally it was because of envy. Apparently when you are 6 foot tall with slender figure and sharp facial features, as well as waist length dirty blonde hair you will most probably be popular among the boys; most of them still believes that I am a girl and those who knows for a fact that I am a dude wishes that I wasn’t. The situation was made worse when you had to go to a school full of rich and spoilt girls who dislike the fact of having anyone better then them.

    However, I had a feeling that this time would be different. It seems that I might just be right when two girls came pass by me, though they stared as how any one would, it doesn’t seemed like it was jealousy. It looks more as though they were in awe. I almost couldn’t suppress my laughter. It was so amusing to see two girls giggling and stealing glances of yourself. Soon after they disappear from my sight, two other figures came towards my direction. One was a short old man; slightly large in size and the other was a tall middle-aged lady; well-dressed with her curly black hair tied up into a ponytail. She looked as if she could be a model herself.
    “Berry,” the man greeted me with both of his arms opened. “It’s nice to finally meet you.” He grabbed and shook my hand. Surprising, it was.

    “I- I- I’m sorry… But you are…” I stuttered.

    “Oh yes, I bet you are confused. Manggis had the liberty of calling me and telling me that you have arrived.”

    “Ah, Manggis,” I turned to look at Manggis who is already standing next to the car. He smiled.

    “I supposed you wouldn’t remember me. The last time I saw you were only five years old.”

    “We’ve met?”

    “Yes, of course. Come on, I’ll explain as we walk,” He pat my back and led the way. “Your grandfather and I had been friends for such a long time. As we got older, we were both too busy with our own life we rarely see each other anymore. But that day, I had to come. I had to show him my new granddaughter.” He stopped and faced me, “Ah, you’ve met her too,”

    Before he could continue further, a petite young female in her twenties, I presumed, came running towards us. She was so small, even smaller than the old man. “Professor, I’m so sorry, I came as fast as I could.”

    “Ah, Miss Dandelion, I’m sorry to trouble you, But you see here,” the old man pointed towards me, from behind the glassed her eyes followed.

    “Is this the new student?” She cut him off. “Oh my, he’s so tall and beautiful, I must say,”

    “Well, yes he is. Miss Dandelion. I want you to meet Berry. I feel that he is best placed in your class. Berry, this is Miss Dandelion. She’ll be your homeroom teacher during your studies here.”

    “Good morning, Miss Dandelion.” I hold up my hand for a shake. “My name is Berry, I’m sorry for adding burden to you,” I waited; my hand was still hanging there waiting for her response.

    “Oh Berry,” It was slow but eventually she returned the shake. “You’re not a burden at all I’m glad to have another tall person like you in my class,” Tall. She mentioned it twice now. My height must have been a surprise for her. Suddenly the lady from earlier whispered something to the old man, or as how Miss Dandelion called him, Professor. He left me in Miss Dandelion's care and then quickly rushed off. “Shall we?” Miss Dandelion showed me the way to the classroom.


    My entrance was ensued by a stare from each and every student present there. It’s not comforting, but it stopped being annoying long time ago. Since then I was accustomed to the long drilling stares I receive.

    “Class, I would like you to meet your new and very tall classmate, Berry,” Tall, once more. She then opened a file that was on her desk and she turned to me, “Berry, isn’t Berry your last name? Should I continue to call you that?”

    “Yes, I prefer it as such.” I gave her a smile as a friendly gesture.

    Not surprising that my smile would caused one of the student, a boy, average in height with an athlete’s body and had his hair waxed and styled in a spiky manner, shouting all of the sudden, “Miss Dandelion! Berry is so cute! Can I hug her?” His rhetorical question made the other boys cheered. It was most likely that this boy is the head of this class. Even Miss Dandelion chuckled to his humor. Suddenly stopping all means of laughter was a loud thud that followed when a boy came into the class practically slamming the door open. He had to be the other tall that Miss Dandelion had mentioned earlier, he seem as though he’s around my height. However, he was a messed. He’s hair was not properly combed and his uniform was not properly tucked. I wonder, this guy that silences the whole class, could he be the leader that everyone bows to. With bruises all over his fierce looking face and arms, I’m sure he reigned the school by fear.

    “Sorry, I am late.” Harsh, but gentle his voice that is. He said sorry, he has manners. This showed that he was not  one of those temperamental peanut-brained bullies. He might not be a terrible person.

    “Hmm, okay. Go ahead and take your seat, Chocolate,” Miss Dandelion treated him well too. She does not look like she feared him; instead she looked like she cares.
    Chocolate walked pass me, I was so curious about this other tall boy in my class that I just couldn’t disregard him. Unknowingly my hand was already reaching for his shoulder and I stopped him. I could swear I heard the whole class gasp, holding in their breath. He slowly turned his head looking  at  me over his shoulder with intense and stern face, before his eyes fell down, staring at the hand that grabbed him. I, myself was taken aback. I swallowed in my saliva and greeted him, “Err… Hi, I’m Berry,” My hand slowly moved away from his body. His attention then went back to my face. For about three or more seconds our eyes met. Still maintaining eye contact, he then turned his body fully facing me and had his clenched fist up to his shoulder level. Seeing his fist, I absurdly grabbed it and pulled it close to my face. “You’re bleeding,” I heard another gasp. It made me wonder how long they have held their breath in so far. His knuckles were bleeding. I could not help but examine the wound. However, before I was finished he tugged back him arms. I looked up and saw him staring at me with brows tighten and his face red. My foolishness must have angered him.

    “You…” He had his left hand holding his right fist in front of his chest. He then let both of his arms down and clenched them both tight. “Why, I ought to…” He came dashing straight for me.

    Instantaneously Miss Dandelion screeched her voice out, “Chocolate! No!” But it was too late I could see the bloody fist heading straight for my face and everything was moving so fast and yet so slow at the same time before everything just went black. I was right, this time it will definitely be different.


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mystery Knights Of Rock: Foreword

Mystery Knights Of Rock is one of my favourites and most exciting ideas I've thought of. I really enjoy the whole concept and basic storyline, however can never seem to decide on the whole actual layout of how the story would go around and most difficult to decide on how it ends. So MKoR will most probably be the slowest and last story updating in this blog.


The story is about a rock band called the Knights which consist of four members, a vocalist, a guitarist, a bassist and a drummer. A typical rock band except that they're not so typical when the Enjiel A. Mori, CEO of their music company decided to have the identity of the vocalist hidden. Only known by the name Mystery, the singer was what make them special, where his identities is hidden even to their on members. With a gay as their agent, a pregnant stylist, a playboy guitarist, an honest bassist, a drummer who loves to bake and a clueless niece as his progeny, can Enjiel really keep it all a secret?

Hope this will trigger your interest!

More sneak peak of MKoR, Interview of the 4 main cast members of the band at The Bin!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

I'm the Boy, You're the Girl? : The Phone Call 001

          It was a Sunday in January, typically the coolest month here in New York City. I went down to the coffee house opposite of my apartment, I ordered my favourite – hammerhead; A real caffeine fix, a shot of espresso filled with drip coffee. I was expecting a call today. My phone rang. Right on time, "It is time. You'll have to start your training soon. I'll see you in a week." Tuut~ tuut~.
          He hung up. Father is always so dictative and not to mention punctual. I guess it's the reason mom left. Another call came in, "Mom?"

          "Berry- " It was my mom. "Has he called? What did he say?!" My mom, a known designer in the fashion industry, she had always been so composed – when its not related to my father, that is.

          "Mom, relax. He just said that he'll see me in a week,"

          "A week, that's too soon. I'm not ready for this, and you still haven't finished the rest of the winter collection," Winter Collection – My job requires me to wear designer outfits and poses for the camera, in other words modeling.  Ever since I was 10, my face had been in the pages of many fashion magazines. Still my identity is kept hidden. Under the heavy make up, I'm still just a 16 years old teenager with an addiction towards coffee. On the other line, it can be heard in the background, the hectic crowd demanding mom of her attention. "Ah yes –  Berry, we'll talk about this, kay? I have to go, Love you," Tuut~ tuut~
           She too hung up.

          My father had settled all that was necessary to fly me back home – my school transfer papers, my tickets. It was done. Finally, I'm back in my own country again after seven years since the day mom decided to chase after her dreams. My arrival was greeted by Manggis. I remembered that he had been along side my father since before I was born. He was old then, He should be older now, and yet he looked exactly as how I remembered him.

          "Manggis, you haven't aged a bit!"

          "Oh young master, you're just being polite," He replies as he offered to carry my luggage.

          "Manggis, please don't call me young master anymore, I'm not 10, you know."

          "Forgive me, yo – I meant, Master Berry, Shall we?"

          As we were walking towards the car, I remembered that I still had my phones turned off. It was not to my surprise that I had 32 miscalls and 19 messages. Mom. I had left without her knowing, the phone call previously was the last time we spoke. It had always been her who calls me and not the other way around – not that I don't want to, I wasn't allowed.Another call, I picked it up. "Mom,"

         "Berry~" She's crying. "How could you left without telling me? I didn't even say goodbye,”..And whaling.

         "Mom, mom, listen. I'm sorry I didn't tell you, I just didn't want to disturb you. I know you're busy."

         "Your dad, he's to blame for all of this, he took you away from me~,"

         "He didn't take me away, I came on my own. Plus, it’s not like I'm not going to see you again,"

         "But- but- the winter collection...”
         "Ah, the car's here, I'll talk to you soon, mom. Love you,"

         And I hung up.
- END PART 1 -

I'm the Boy, You're the Girl? : Foreword

A story I have long let sleeping in my closet. The title however is subject to change.. Since I've forgotten what I originally named it. However, I have a feeling that I might just stick to this one.


            It tells about a model, Berry, the successor of his father's company is brought back to his own country to finish his last year of high school there. In order for him to be eligible for the position. His first day in school was considered unlucky when he angered the most fearsome student in the whole school, Chocolate. However for Berry, he finds meeting Chocolate was the best thing in his life and so decided to declare himself his best friend. Soon, Berry finds himself being gay. Is this what you call friendship?

Interesting? Well, I hope it is, since I believe this would be the first story I'll write on. Wish me luck!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Underground 21: Foreword

Underground 21 is created based on my fondness towards the word "underground" and the number "21". I only had a rough idea on the whole story. I never actually when into details with this one. However, I feel that it would make a good fantasy story. It consist of 21 chapters. Which I had thought of but is subject to changes if neccessary.

The Chapters:
  1. Myth of the 1st Born
  2. The 2nd Game
  3. 3 Weeks Nightmare
  4. Mystery Of the Four Seasons
  5. Five untold Stories
  6. The 6th Sense
  7. Seven Charms
  8. Death of the Eighth
  9. Sacred Nine
  10. 10th Soul
  11. 11th November at 11.11PM
  12. The Last 12 Songs
  13. The 13th Floor
  14. Lost Love at February 14
  15. 15 Long Years
  16. The Sixteenth Birthday
  17. Under the 17th Main Street
  18. 18 Holes
  19. Hearts Of 19 States
  20. 20 Confused Story
  21. January 21st, Birth of Underground 21.
    Hope this will trigger your interest to look forward for it.

    Stories Lost in Time

    Due to my terrible procrastination habits I have hanged a few of my stories which I believe could have been great.. Since I easily get bored when focusing on the same thing for to long, a dear cousin of mine, suggest that I write my stories in a blog, then I can continue updating anytime I want, without having the idea lost in time just like that...

    Some of the stories includes;
    • Hy & Lo
    • Underground 21
    • Mystery Knights Of Rock
    • Faith Unattached
    • U & Ai
    • Taisen (A Great War)// Taichou! (General!)
    • Tension Academy
    • Coda Of Love
    • etc, etc...
    An advance notice, I don't think I could focus on one particular story until it is finished before moving on to another story, so I would most probably just update any story according to my the stories might not be in sequence.. Therefore I'm truly sorry for the trouble.  m(_ _)m