Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mystery Knights Of Rock: Foreword

Mystery Knights Of Rock is one of my favourites and most exciting ideas I've thought of. I really enjoy the whole concept and basic storyline, however can never seem to decide on the whole actual layout of how the story would go around and most difficult to decide on how it ends. So MKoR will most probably be the slowest and last story updating in this blog.


The story is about a rock band called the Knights which consist of four members, a vocalist, a guitarist, a bassist and a drummer. A typical rock band except that they're not so typical when the Enjiel A. Mori, CEO of their music company decided to have the identity of the vocalist hidden. Only known by the name Mystery, the singer was what make them special, where his identities is hidden even to their on members. With a gay as their agent, a pregnant stylist, a playboy guitarist, an honest bassist, a drummer who loves to bake and a clueless niece as his progeny, can Enjiel really keep it all a secret?

Hope this will trigger your interest!

More sneak peak of MKoR, Interview of the 4 main cast members of the band at The Bin!


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