Friday, April 23, 2010

Underground 21: Foreword

Underground 21 is created based on my fondness towards the word "underground" and the number "21". I only had a rough idea on the whole story. I never actually when into details with this one. However, I feel that it would make a good fantasy story. It consist of 21 chapters. Which I had thought of but is subject to changes if neccessary.

The Chapters:
  1. Myth of the 1st Born
  2. The 2nd Game
  3. 3 Weeks Nightmare
  4. Mystery Of the Four Seasons
  5. Five untold Stories
  6. The 6th Sense
  7. Seven Charms
  8. Death of the Eighth
  9. Sacred Nine
  10. 10th Soul
  11. 11th November at 11.11PM
  12. The Last 12 Songs
  13. The 13th Floor
  14. Lost Love at February 14
  15. 15 Long Years
  16. The Sixteenth Birthday
  17. Under the 17th Main Street
  18. 18 Holes
  19. Hearts Of 19 States
  20. 20 Confused Story
  21. January 21st, Birth of Underground 21.
    Hope this will trigger your interest to look forward for it.


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