Saturday, April 24, 2010

I'm the Boy, You're the Girl? : Foreword

A story I have long let sleeping in my closet. The title however is subject to change.. Since I've forgotten what I originally named it. However, I have a feeling that I might just stick to this one.


            It tells about a model, Berry, the successor of his father's company is brought back to his own country to finish his last year of high school there. In order for him to be eligible for the position. His first day in school was considered unlucky when he angered the most fearsome student in the whole school, Chocolate. However for Berry, he finds meeting Chocolate was the best thing in his life and so decided to declare himself his best friend. Soon, Berry finds himself being gay. Is this what you call friendship?

Interesting? Well, I hope it is, since I believe this would be the first story I'll write on. Wish me luck!


Daphne Fu said...

I wish there's a continuation of the story, part 3....please? ;P

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