Friday, April 23, 2010

Stories Lost in Time

Due to my terrible procrastination habits I have hanged a few of my stories which I believe could have been great.. Since I easily get bored when focusing on the same thing for to long, a dear cousin of mine, suggest that I write my stories in a blog, then I can continue updating anytime I want, without having the idea lost in time just like that...

Some of the stories includes;
  • Hy & Lo
  • Underground 21
  • Mystery Knights Of Rock
  • Faith Unattached
  • U & Ai
  • Taisen (A Great War)// Taichou! (General!)
  • Tension Academy
  • Coda Of Love
  • etc, etc...
An advance notice, I don't think I could focus on one particular story until it is finished before moving on to another story, so I would most probably just update any story according to my the stories might not be in sequence.. Therefore I'm truly sorry for the trouble.  m(_ _)m


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